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Weiss Restriction List Update November 11, 2023

Please find the full article at:

Complete Restriction List effective Nov. 24, 2023

Bryan: I believe that limiting Alice to 2 copies still puts the deck in a very playable state but brings down its consistency. This will make players think about other deck options like Overlord and Avatar to see more success.

While the choice restriction targets one of the top decks being MJurran (In many combinations) I feel most people will just be dropping the level 1 combo of Shizu. We will see How Slime plays out as a deck and if it still sees as many tops as it has in the last few months.


Overall I am happy to see no new hits to Hololive. It feels to me that Hololive is still extremely diverse and fairly unexplored Title. It feels that many people take a desk list online and run with that. I personally have been running a HoloX deck because Fried Chicken. hmmmm

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