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BCS 2023: Weiss Schwarz White Plains, NY Results

On October 1st 2023 173 players met in White Plains, NY. In the top 8 there were 4 Slime decks, 1 SAO, 1 Overlord, 1 Seven Deadly Sins and 1 Quints decks.

Slime Really overtook this one and no Hololive representation in the Top 8 is somewhat of a surprise.

Here are the deck lists in order.

1st Place - Slime Shizi/Mjurran/Set1Wind Deck Log ID: GA6H

Return of the washed up Champ

2nd Place - Slime Shizu/Mujurran Deck Log ID: NUCR

Leave Her Johnny leave Her

3rd Place - Slime Shizu/Mjurran Deck Log ID: D541

I am a bad slime!

4th Place - SAO Alice/Silica Deck Log ID: JXBF

Choice Door

5th Place - Overlord Door/Bar Deck Log ID: 7M23

OLV 4 cxc smoge

6th Place - Seven Deadly Sins Standby/Medliodas Deck Log ID:R1DE

6 Standby 2 Choice Meliodas

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